After Netware logon, Windows Workstation (for Windows 2000 Server domain logon) retains old user, doesn't merge

We have a network with both Novell Netware 5.X and Windows 2000 Server (domain).  Most users have "merged" logons.  In other words, if their Netware and their Domain usernames and passwords match, you only get the Netware login and it skips the domain logon.

However, we have some Windows XP users who have had a prior user logon to their machine and it won't forget the prior user.  So when the Netware logon processes, instead of passing the username/[password on to the domain server, it  brings up a "Windows Workstation" box to logon to the domain.  The domain is prefilled and the prior user is always prefilled, and it waits for the password.  If you change the username to the current, and enter the password, and click the check box which says "change the password to match after a successful logon", it does not help.  Nothing seems to help.  It continuously and repeatedly will retain the old username, so that the user has to logon twice.

I have been through the registry and made sure that the keys for default logon users in the LOCAL MACHINE - SOFTWARE - MICROSOFT - WINDOWS NT - WINLOGON section are the correct user.  This does not help.

How can I make Windows forget the prior user for the domain logon?
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What client are you using?  Is it the Novell client32 or is it the crapware(tm) client that comes with Windows?

If it's the Novell client32, what version?  Current is 4.91, I recommend at least 4.90SP2.

Starting with 4.90, there's a setting in the "advanced login" tab of the client called "Copy NetWare User Name to Windows."  If you set that to "ON" it will always fill in the user name you're using for the NetWare login into the Windows portion of the login process, otherwise you'll get what you're seeing - the last user to log in is what will show up in the user field of the Windows login box.

If you're using the crapware(tm) Client for NetWare Networks that ships with Windows, don't.  Go to and download the latest client.  Install it Custom (do NOT take "typical".)  Uncheck all additional services unless you have them installed and configured.  Especially uncheck NMAS.  Only leave NICI on if you're installing to a workstation that will be doing NetWare administration.  Only use one protocol if possible - I prefer IP but if you're using IPX, choose only IPX.

After you're done installing, go into the client properties and, in addition to changing the item I noted above in "advanced login," also go into the "advanced settings" tab and set File Caching to Off and File Commit to On.

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Yes!  This was a winner --thanks!
Glad to help.
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