System crashes suddenlıy

Hi, My name is Arto Oksayan

I have just built a new system, below you will find my specific configuration.

1) Lian Li PC-V 1000 B-Plus Case
2) Asus P5WD2 Premium Motherboard
3) Kingston Hyper X  2GB Kit 750 MHZ Memory
4) P4 Processor Extreme Edition 3.73 GHZ
5) PC Power & Cooling Turbocool 510 Express / SLI Power Supply
6) 512 MB Asus Extreme N6800 Ultra Graphics Card
7) Soundblaster Audigy 2 ZS Premium Sound Card
8) 2 X Pioneer 16X16 DVD+/-RW DVD Writer
9) 2 X Seagate Baraccuda 400 GB Sata Hard Disk

After loading the drivers and especially the video driver, During boot up the system blacks out 3 or 4 times before opening completaly. What can cause this and also I have another important question as well. I have just installed xp pro and the drivers, and I started to load a few utility software but the problem is suddenly, sometimes the computer crashes and it begins booting by itself. And I receive a fault message, you can find it below.

Fault Signature

BCCode : 44     BCP1 : 87099E70     BCP2 : 00000D62     BCP3 : 00000000    
BCP4 : 00000000     OSVer : 5_1_2600     SP : 2_0     Product : 256_1    

Fault Origin


What can cause this problem  please help me
Arto Oksayan
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For the driver just go to Asus website and try to update your video driver to the latest release available.

For the other problem, be sure to install the latest service pack ( ).

Then make sure you don't have any virus: AVG free edition is my tool of choice ( ) , but also Panda On-Line ( ) is a good "one-shot" tool.

Don't understimate spyware: in my ICT career, I saw many pcs stalled due to bad coded spyware running in background: IMNSHO there isn't any antispyware tool being better then others, I use to run them all (not simultaneously, of course!!)

* Spybot S&D ( )

* Ad-Aware ( )

* Ms Antispyware ( )

lemme know ;)
The MULTIPLE_IRP_COMPLETE_REQUESTS bug check has a value of 0x00000044. This indicates that a driver has tried to requested an IRP be completed that is already complete.

A driver has called IoCompleteRequest to ask that an IRP be completed, but the packet has already been completed.

Resolving the Problem
This is a tough bug to find because the simplest case — a driver that attempted to complete its own packet twice — is usually not the source of the problem. More likely, two separate drivers each believe that they own the packet, and each has attempted to complete it. The first request succeeds, and the second fails, resulting in this bug check.

Tracking down which drivers in the system caused the error is difficult, because the trail of the first driver has been covered by the second. However, the driver stack for the current request can be found by examining the device object fields in each of the stack locations.

If you want to pursue the root cause, attach the following files at any webspace, I will study your minidump.

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I see very similar problem almost daily,iIt seems to be a video-related problem: a video driver update as I suggested should fix it.

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