Freezing Belkin F5D7630-4A, is it an overheating issue?

I've got a Belkin F5D7630-4A (uk) wifi adsl router.  I use p2p software on my desktop (eMule and Azureus), connected via a wifi connection to the router.  If I put the router under a 'heavy' load (maxing out my 0.5mbps adsl connection) then the router will routinely freeze after 1 day.  The three largest chips on the board in the router become much more than finger hot, I'm assuming that the unit is overheating.  I use a wifi connection from both desktop and laptop, I don't have a wired connection to the router.

If I run the router at 'half load' (fixing the max download speed at about 0.25mbps) then the unit takes up to a week before it'll lock.

When I say that the router locks, the behaviour I get is:
1. I can still open the router's config page via pointing my browser at  It'll report than it is connected to the web in the router config page.  
2. If I try to access an external web address then the browser spins and times out.  I've only tried using named domains, I've never had an ip address handy when it has locked

I'm assuming that the wifi/ethernet bridge is working (even though very hot), else the wifi access to wouldn't work.  Possibly the ADSL chip (I'm presuming there is one) overheats?  As I've not had an external IP address handy, I don't know if it is just the DNS lookup that fails, or the entire external connection.  Since the config page works I'm assuming that the core RISC chip isn't overheating.

Using the config page I can restart the router, and generally after one reset it'll just pickup again and reconnect to the internet and downloads recommence.  Sometimes it remains locked, if I leave it for an hour and then reset again then it (I think always) works.  This suggests to me that it is a heat problem.  This is reliable behaviour for the last 6 months or so.

I now run the unit with the cover open, that seems to help though it still locks.  Now I just fix my max download speed and I rarely get the problem (though 1/2 speed p2p'ing is a pain).

Has anyone had a similar problem, or can point me at evidence that this is a heat issue?  I doubt I'll do anything about it - the unit is out of warranty by now and building an active cooler is a little too much effort, but out of engineering curiousity I'd like to know what's causing this problem.  I upgraded to the latest firmware back after Christmas, that didn't do anything.

Any suggestions?

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Since they run hot anyway, it would be interesting to put a desk fan near it to determine if overheating was the issue.
This is the list to go thru for these kinds of issues.

You should do the following to perhaps help solve this annoying problem:

Peer To Peer [P2P] clients like BitTorrent - Azureus have connection options —where you need to limit the number of peer connections; the client lets you set the maximum number of connections for each torrent as well as globally. Contact the manufacturer of your Router/Access Point and find out the maximum number of TCP/IP connections your hardware will handle —then adjust your P2P client's global peer connection limits to handle no more than 50% of the maximum limit your Router allows.

A Possible Cause
A computer on your network may be infected with malware.

You should also do the following:
Other considerations:
Other similar issues:,12970073~reverse=0;days=30;root=belkin;mode=full

if you have any p2p software on your machine, with lots of inbound requests, your belkin router thinks it is under attack. and will eventually have to many ack requests in its buffer.
Logon on to your router with your web browser in the normal fashion and then insert the following url.

ie. "" and uncheck the checkbox for "SPI and Anti-DoS firewall protection".

apply the setting and it will work perfectly, the rest of the firewall options will stil work.

its not perfect but it works.

I recommend disabling the firewall and perchasing a cheap box like netgear to be a firewall.

the belkin product is very good, but the dont specialise in firewalls. Try not to uise a personal firewall, they are not very effective, they are only a last means of defence, if anyone would like any further assistance, feel free to email me.

Most connection drops are related to malware and improper configuration and/or P2P issues as well as changes all the ISP’s are implanting specifically having to do with bandwidth shaping due to the massive abuse of P2P clients.

Pre-N model prime Example for these kinds of issues:
with regards to [1] The Belkin Pre-N Router cannot handle more than 253 connections -- so 253 is the connection limit.
with regards to [2] BitTorrent - Azureus does have connection options -- the client lets you set the maximum number of connections for each torrent as well as globally. My very strong recommendation is adjust your P2P client's global peer connection limits to handle no more than 50% of the 253 connection limit the Pre-N Router allows.

Hope this helps :)
F5D7630 router rebooting - temperature related?
F5D7630 router rebooting is temperature related!,10070950~mode=flat~days=9999~start=20

Router with fan on top -- see picture with this article.

I can confirm that after 40 hours or so of running the router with the case off and fan attached (as in the photo in post above) the router has not rebooted once or dropped the wireless connection.

This is a major improvement on performance and seems pretty clear proof that overheating of components under stress is the cause of many reboots and broken connections.

fyi-note: if needed - downloads:

F5D7630 4A Firmware Update  1.08.03  9/8/2004  10.56 Mbytes  
F5D7630 4A Manual   9/9/2004

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ianozAuthor Commented:
Thanks kbbcnet, that was a good answer.  I knew I'd seen the picture of the router with the fan, I'd just not found it again.  As and when I upgrade my adsl connection I'll get myself a newer router, maybe I'll play with a fan if external temperatures rise again.

Many thanks!
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ianozAuthor Commented:
Sorry kbbcnet, I didn't realise I had to 'close' the question after - kinda wish the site had prompted me.  Sorry to have left it so long!  I leave the router's case off, generally it doesn't overheat now so it is a good-enough solution.  Cheers.
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