Vertical aligning text on a LinkButton

Hi All,

I have a LinkButton whose width I've set to 150px and a heigh of 20px.  I am using 8pt font for the button text.  So, the text is quite a bit shorter in height than the overall button.  The problem is that the text automatically vertically aligns to the top left of the button.  How do I vertically align to "middle"?  I've assigned a CSS style to it and set:

vertical-align: middle;

....but it does nothing.

Any ideas?


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Have you tried sticking HTML in the text of the control?

lnkButton.text = "<center>Click me!</center>"

or something like that...
kaubeyAuthor Commented:
I thought of it, but I can't think of any HTML that would vertically align text.

Any suggestions?

I think a better way of doing it would be to put a div inside the the linkbutton so you have more control over the way it renders.

    <div class="linkText">text</div>


This will make your line-height of the inside text to be 20 pixels, vertically aligning the text in the middle of the line.  Try it out

HTH - Trevor

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I've always had problems with this and found the easiest and least painful fix is to just make a new image that includes the text as part of the image and leave the actual text property blank.
kaubeyAuthor Commented:
Thanks for all your input -- Trevor's idea works perfectly....
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