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What is the maximum entries allowed in the cc: field i.e. distribution list for Lotus Notes?



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brwwigginsIT ManagerCommented:
The limit is based on field size and not just the number of entries in the group.

The last I heard the limit was 15k. Someone can correct me if I'm wrong. I am not sure if they bumped it to 32k in R6.5

If you are running into issues you can use nested groups to solve some problems.
From Notes Help, under "Limits":

What is the maximum number of recipients in a single mail message?    For individual names and private groups which expand locally, 15KB; for public groups which expand on a server, 5MB

The documentation also states 15KB is the limit for any one text field.  
I should add that I'm using R6's documentation, so perhaps it has been increased in 6.5 or later
I won't think it is increased in 6.5 also.

In which circumstances u are assuming u will touch the limit?
brwwigginsIT ManagerCommented:
Here is from the 6.5 help on limits

The following table summarizes the known maximum limits of various Notes and Domino features.  Item      Maximum limit
Database size      The maximum OS file size limit -- (up to 64GB)
Text field size      32KB (storage); 32KB displayed in a view's column
Rich text field size      Limited only by available disk space up to 1GB
Response levels in a hierarchical view; number of documents per level      31 levels; 300,000 documents
Characters in names      Database Title: 96 bytes
      Filenames: On Windows® and UNIX® platforms minimum of 255 and/or OS limits; on local Macintosh workstation 31
      Field names: 32
      View names: 64
      Form names: 32
      Agent names: 32
Fields in a database      ~ 3000 (limited to ~ 64K total length for all field names). You can enable the database property "Allow more fields in database" to get up to 22,893 uniquely-named fields in the database.
Columns in a table      64
Rows in a table      255
Views in a database      No limit; however, as the number of views increases, the length of time to display other views also increases
Forms in a database      Limited only by database size.
Columns in a view      289 ten-character columns; dependent upon # or characters per column
Documents imported into a view      Documents totaling at least 350K
Cascading views in a database      200
Margin size (in inches)      46
Page cropping size (in inches)      46
Point size to select or print      250
Documents in a view      Maximum of 130MB for a view index
Documents that can be exported to tabular text      Limited only by available disk space
Entries in an Access Control List (ACL)      ~950 names (ACL size is limited to 32767 bytes)
Roles in an Access Control List      75 Roles
ID password length      63 characters
Authorized users on a multiple password ID      8 users
Outline entries in an outline      ~21,000 entries

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