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What is the maximum entries allowed in the cc: field i.e. distribution list for Outlook? Is it different when Outlook is connected to an Exchange Server?



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   A distribution list can hold a maximum of 165 entries.  If you have a list with more than that, you'll have to create a chain of distribution lists.  Here's how to do it:

Definitely import this distribution list on its own, i.e. put it into a separate text file.  Also, make sure that there are no individual Contact entries in Contacts.  If there are, you can create a temporary folder that holds Contact entries and put them in there.

Run the script on the text file containing the distribution list.  After it's done, take a look at the distribution list in Contacts.  You'll notice that it's empty.

Double-click the empty list and click "Select members. . ."  If you moved all the individual entries out of Contacts before you imported, the only single entries (read: non-distribution lists) will be members of the distribution list you just imported.  Add these entries alphabetically into the distribution list until Outlook tells you that you have reached the maximum.

Remove the last entry from the distribution list.

Go back to the overall Contacts view and create a new distribution list.  Call it whatever you want, maybe "<old dist list name> Supplement" or something like that.  Add the Contact entry that you removed earlier.

Add all the remaining entries.  If there are more than 329 entries in the list, just repeat this process as needed.

Go back to the first distribution list and add the second list to it (as the 165th entry).  Go to the second list and add the third list and repeat as necessary.

Source: http://www2.slac.stanford.edu/comp/winnt/faq/email/miscl/Distribution%20Lists.htm

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There is no difference, to my knowledge, if it is connected to an Exchange Server.
If you are using exchange, you can create organization-level distribution lists that can contain many more recipients (not sure the limit but it's much higher than 165). However, it's also important to realize that your Exchange administrator can also limit the maximum number of recipients of any given oubound email. The default in Exchange 2003 is 5000 but your admin may have changed that.
Aland CoonsSystems EngineerCommented:
Another point to consider is that email with lots of addresses is often identified as spam and discarded by spam filters automatically.
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