Select Tablename from column name in other table

I have a database that makes new tables based on transactions everyday.
That activity is recorded in a table.
I can query that table called Statistics to see what table was created and when. So I can see that there was activity on table Qxxx134 and Qxxx473.  The numbers are not sequential because tables are created over different databases.  Still I can get the names.

If I go into table Qxxx134 I can see that the activity related to user Bob and user Sam

Here's the quandry:  I want  to update a field in the master user table to indicate activity. The field basically shows a join date. I can update that manually, but I'd like to do it dynamically.

So how can capture the usernames of users in the tables that have had activity in the last day?
I have the query to capture the tablenames and stored them in a new table called RecentActivity.
The column is TableName.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Brian CroweDatabase AdministratorCommented:
Unless you are storing some sort of relevant date in the table there is no way of telling when a given record was added or updated.  One alternative is that when you create the tables you also create an insert/update trigger on that table to update your RecentActivity table.

ajcortezAuthor Commented:
This is really more a of query or stored procedure issue.  
I tried declaring the results of 1 table as a variable and then running another query

DECLARE @TNAME varchar(30)
SET@TNAME = (SELECT Top 1 TableName from RecentActivity)
--This gives me the first record in RecentActivity

Select User from * @TNAME

This is where I'm stumped.

If I run PRINT @TNAME it gives me the tablename of Qxxx123 but the select using @TNAME fails.

Brian CroweDatabase AdministratorCommented:
DECLARE @SQL varchar(8000)


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ajcortezAuthor Commented:
That did it.  It was the EXEC that I forgot.  Thanks.
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