Is this MS server software offer legitimate?

Does anyone know what this person is selling? I have attached an ebay link below. I am looking to buying Windows 2003 Small Business Server Premium edition with 5 CALs. According to this individual this software can be purchased directly from MS for $299.00. I can't find anything on Microsofts web site about this offer.

Would appreciate any enlightenments or warnings.

Thanks in advance.

Christopher Banbury

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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
There are a few programs from Microsoft that offer such suites of software at such pricing.  Typically, they are RESTRICTED for in their use to development/testing/evaluation and are NOT licensed for "production" use.  I would suggest buying it through more legitimate channels.
I'm not sure I agree with leew.  Since you're buying from MS, it is through a legitimate channel.  The software is available under the Microsoft Partner Program (  There are some restrictions, but they are fairly liberal, IMHO.

Take a look at the info and decide for yourself, but don't buy the info on eBay - there is detailed info publicly available on the MS website.  The specific package they are promoting is this one - (though there are others).  More detailed info about permissible uses and what is included here:

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For what it's worth, we run the MS ActionPack in our office and are in full compliance with the EULA. Basically, you can freely use it for any testing, development or internal business use. Basically, the only restriction is that you can not host any commercial services on the servers. In other words, you can't make profit off the use of this software. It is also limited to 10 CALs for the server products so if you have more than that, I would look toward other options.

And as Humeniuk said, don't buy it from Ebay. MS direct is the way to go...

P.S. You do have to qualify as an eligible 'partner' within the terms defined on Microsoft's website (see humeniuk's links) to legally purchase and/or operate the software under this EULA. This is not to be mistaken with a 'Certified Partner'. Basically, if you are a service-oriented company, you're probably eligible. Read the full eligibility requirements before making your final decision.
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"And as Humeniuk said, don't buy it from Ebay. MS direct is the way to go..."

Note that the Ebay auction is only for 'information'.  In other words, you give them $19.99 and they tell you how to get the software.  I guess they sell a lot of these as the program isn't widely known, but as noted, they're selling information that is publicly available.
ArkAdminAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the help. It looks like the program may work for me.
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
My point is, there's the Action Pack subscription, there's the TechNet Plus subscription, there's the MSDN levels of subcription.  Now I haven't read the EULAs of everything, but whenever you see software like that, for that price, it's USUALLY, if not ALWAYS a limited rights use, unlike the full retail versions.  

The question author provided a link to E-bay and my assumption was he was considering buying from them and NOT microsoft.  Hence my suggestion to buy through more legitimate (including Microsoft) channels.
A pretty reasonable assumption, all things considered, especially when Ebay is involved.  You can see an overview of the license/restrictions here, if you're interested -
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