VB.net Embedding Web Browser Control - Inherits Internet Explorer Security Settings?!?


I was under the impression that the Browser Control that you can embed in a VB.net App is free from security restrictions set in IE (e.g. Active X). But it seems that if I try and create an Activex client side in JS it fires up an Active X warning in my VB.net app.

What I was wondering is there anyway to disable this? Or catch the event and stop it?

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The web browser control DOES indeed inherit the security settings from IE, as well as proxy settings and others.
You must change those in order for it to have effect on your control.

As far as I'm aware, there's no other way to supress those errors/warnings...


I had a similar problem with a website that showed a pop-up confirmation message box. I did some code that used SendKeys inside a timer event, which used AppActivate to see if the pop-up message was already in screen.

But this would only work if your ActiveX warning message is the kind of pop-up window with Yes-No-Cancel, or Ok-Cancel options.

If you like this approach I can give you more details.
TotalIQAuthor Commented:

That is a shame. Do you guys know of a browser com that can be embedded in a VB.net app that gets round the security restrictions of IE?

If not, do you think its possible to modify IE's settings from my VB.net app directly to 'customise' security for the website it will be browsing?


It's certainly possible to customize the settings.

Firstly, have a look at the Silent property of the browser control (I think it's called silent, or something similar). This is supposed to supress message boxes... but I found it wasn't completely reliable.
Go through the IE settings (Advanced tab), and get rid of any options that say to show error messages.

That should get you started.

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