learning a machine language...


what is the best way to learn machine language, are there any books..? ok, let's say there are, how do I execute the code..? please get me out of the dark...  :)

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read the art of assembly language (google it). that seems to be a favorite of most beginners. also get yourself a good copy of masm, tasm, or nasm. i know the last one is free but i think you can get the otherones free if you look hard enough.

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you might also be interested in the assembly language of .net MSIL here ia brief tutorial here

plus a wealth or info is out there by simple googling

i forgot to tell you the first link is a link to a free 32 bit assembler
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PDP is nice.
I agree that I think you need start with using a good assembler for a computer you  can have ready access to. Get a decent chip, and the documentation of good assembler should illustrate the essential bits and bytes.

You'll need more memory operations, and good use of registers. Programming one bit at a time can be fun for a little while, but it takes forever. Doing it a byte at a time isn't really speedy either.

The thing about low level languages, is that they are extremely hardware specific, hardware dependent. Machine code is about the least portable there is
I have just passed my microprocessor architecture and programming cource so I think I am going to guide you in the exact direction.

You will have to buy "The 8088 and 8086 Microprocessors Programming , Interfacing , software, hardware, and applications"  by Walter A. Triebel and Avtar Singh.

Then you may start from chapter 2 and gradually start learning the chapters one by one. Now what you need is the emulator software so that you can learn the assembly and also can see whats happening.

You can download emulator at


It is the best simulator for assembly as far as I know.

Please study the things and you can ask for my help anywhere you get stuck.

Fahd Murtaza

The best way is to learn the 8085 processot first, because all the other processor's are based off of this processor.
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thank you.
Thanks, and                                [good fortune]
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