Mac Address Tracking on a Extreme Summit Switch

I have configured a Summit switch with an ip address, it can be pinged from a workstation.  I am trying to setup the switch so that it has to intellegence to tell me the mac address of the pc attached to any one port.

We have a rouge pc in our network and would to be able to track it by mac address or ip address, I've been told this is possible with this switch, although I am unsure if any management software is necessary.
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I have not used an  Extreme switch, but most switches have a show arp command that should help.  You would need to ping (from the switch) the rouge PC 1st and then do a show arp.  It should show you what port it is assoicated with also.
Hi.  I agree with giltjr.  
On the Extereme switches, via the command line, logon and then enter the following command:
sh iparp
The ip address will return under Destination, followed by MAC, Age, Static, VLAN, VID, and Port.
Extreme switches are really good!

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I suppose from gpriceee's answer this is a layer 3 switch?  If so, the ARP table MAY tell you what port.  On a layer 2 switch, you would look at the forwarding table to get the MAC to Port assignments.

Do you know the MAC or IP of the rouge PC?  
Rajat SoodCommented:
Is there any way to see DHCP-bindings in extreme switches?Basically I have created a dhcp server in extreme switch and mac of some machines binded on it.Now I want to see the list of machines whose mac I binded can anybody tell me the commaand for that?
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