How to setup sendmail on IBM AIX 5.1L

I am trying to setup sendmail on our IBM server to send email.  We do not have a local email server or exchange server.  We use a cable modem for internet access (thru a Cisco router).  The SMTP server that we use on PC's is   I need help getting sendmail setup so that I can send emails from the IBM server out to users off our internal network.
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Latest ML patch must be applied first, so sendmail is updated and safe:

Move to Sendmail area when you are done with AIX (by asking in Community Support)

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If you want to setup name service,  Step 1 to 4. Otherwise execute step 5 only.

Setup mail service
1. Install name service and fileset name is
2. Create client dns configuration file, /etc/resolv.conf
3. Log all the mail message to syslog
      Change /etc/syslog.conf to include deamon.debug  /tmp/syslog.conf
      Restart syslogd daemon
      Touch /tmp/syslog.out
      Stopsrc -s syslogd
      Startsrc -s syslogd
4.    Restart name service
       Restart named service
       Stopsrc -s named
       Startsrc -s named
5. Change the Cw setting
    Change /etc/
     Find the following entries:
          #Cw localhost $w $?m$w.$m$. YourHostAliases
          #Cm $m YourOtherDomainNames

      Change to the following:
          Cw localhost $w $?m$w.$m$. mcling3
          #Cm $m YourOtherDomainNames
After you change, issue the following command to send mail to host1.

mail -v user1l@host1 < your_mail.txt
mail -v < your_mail.txt
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btw syslog is not started on AIX by default.
I only changed the and I can send mail to my email server. I raised the question to IBM two years ago to ask for the procedure to setup mail service and it was IBM reply.
9thTeeAuthor Commented:
The thing I do not understand is how the IBM server will use the smtp name.  The IBM server cannot ping a site like but can ping its IP address.  So somehow I have to give it an IP address to get to or setup the IBM server to use a DNS server somewhere.  


add listen-on "" to options to not serve others

if your named.root seems old latest is here:
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