Windows 2003 Server Terminal Server License Tracking

How does Server2003 Terminal Server License Manager track user cals?  We don't see any user cals assigned in the license manager, even though users are logged into the system.  With device cals, license usage displays correctly.  Obviously, user cals are not tracked in the same way as device cals.  Is there documentation that explains how Microsoft tracks the two types of licenses?  

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The terminal server does not usually track licenses.  Terminal services licenses are managed by the assigned license server (usually a file server and separate from the terminal server) and the domain controller usually tracks CALs.

Above is applicable to Win2K and is still applicable to 2003 server, I believe.
Disregard above.  I didn't grasp question first time around.

This link may help:

"Per User" TS CALs aren't managed (yet), so it's quite normal you don't see them; from KB822134:
"Currently, Window Server 2003 does not manage User CALs. This means that even though there is a User CAL in the license server database, the User CAL will not be decremented when it is used. This does not remove administrators from End User License Agreement (EULA) requirements to have a valid terminal server (TS) CAL for each user. Failure to have a User CAL for each user, if Device CALs are not being used, is a violation of the EULA. In the future, this behavior will be changed and User CALs will be managed. "

The function of Terminal Server CALs in Windows Server 2003

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