How to generate a multi trade program

I have this stand java program that does some sort of process on a big group of files.

I used to open different MS Dos windows to call same program with different parameters. So I kind a generate different instances of same program.

Is it possble to do same thing within the program using mulit trading ?
so I don't have to open many Dos windows to run different instances.
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Maybe I don't get it right, but as I presume:

1) you can run an almost unlimited number of instances of the same program,
2) just the same you can run an almost unlimited number of threads in the same program,
each with its own window frame,
3) maybe the best solution for you is to have one program, many threads and each with its
own child window within the desktop fram of the program.

Nav444Author Commented:
Thanks sciriware!
I know I can run many instances of same program.
But that involves manual click on each one. I need to make in kind a automated. So I need to run each as a thread.
But I don't know how to create two or more thread of same program.
What is the actual java function to do this?
can you give me a very simple example?

public void addThread(JPanel placeToDisplay)
    new myThread(placeToDisplay).start();

public class myThread extends Thread
JPanel myBoard;

    myThread(JPanel board)
        myBoard = board;

    public void run()
//// set up visual components via 'myBoard'.
//// add yourself to a list of active threads
//// start your task

This is the simplest thing I can think of.
The tiny JPanels must be created before and placed my the 'main' thread.
There must be some buttons on them to communicate.


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