Animation during High CPU Load


My current program creates an extremely high CPU load while it is loading. During its loading procedure I have a small animation, but unfortunately due to the high CPU load the animation does about 2 frames and then 'hangs' until the program has finished its load procedure.

Is there any way to force the animation to continue? I have tried using "this.Refresh()" during the for loops but that does not help. Adding a breakpoint inside the timer I see that the counter managing the animation does not increment until after the loading procedure.

Can I somehow limit the amount of Processor usage my program will take? Or Is there any way to force this animation to change frames?

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Fernando SotoRetiredCommented:
Put the following in during the for loops.


This should do the trick.
Fernando SotoRetiredCommented:
Include the following

using System.Windows.Forms
Bob LearnedCommented:
Whew, now that's a great question that even Application.DoEvents won't help.  I came up with an AnimatedGIF class that managed changing the frames which worked pretty well, but sadly I can't find it anymore.

Are you multi-threading?  I haven't tried doing exactly what you're looking for, but it seems to me that if you were to run your "high CPU load" in a worker thread and then use a callback when it's finished, the animation should continue running on the original thread.

This is a very good question though; perhaps someone has a creative solution.

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burly411Author Commented:
Multithreading is what I needed to do.

I'll give a quick explanation of what I did.

Normally I start a timer to handle the animation and then I call the reLoad() function.
Now I have put the reLoad() function on a separate thread as follows:

First add:
using System.Threading;

then in the code I declare a private thread variable for the entire form:
private Thread reloadThread;    

on my frm_Load event I have the following:

timAnimStart.Start();    // start the animation timer

this.reLoadThread = new Thread(new ThreadStart(this.reLoad));     // initialize the thread
this.reLoadThread.Start();  // start the thread

So thanks BurntSky it works now. It's not perfect but it works great. Multithreading is my new best friend.
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