Double parsing problems


I have a String with a number data like  "16777645" which I need to convert to double. So I used Double.parse(sData), but double parsed like 1.6777645E7. How can I do parsing with double returns 16777645
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>>but double parsed like 1.6777645E7

Why would that be a problem? That's just the form shown when you print it as as String
accarvajalAuthor Commented:
no, if my data (in my case is an ID) 16777645, next to parsing, I convert into String again so 1.6777645E7 is different than 16777645
>>so 1.6777645E7 is different than 16777645

It isn't different. If it's a number (as opposed to a String) E7 has no meaning. It only has a meaning as a view of the number      

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accarvajalAuthor Commented:
if my String Data "16777645" parsing to Double which results in 1.6777645E7, when converting to String again, data would be "1.6777645E7", how do I tell to user that "1.6777645E7" (showed on JTextField) is looking at field is actually "16777645" that is its ID?
You could do e.g.

field.setText("" + (long)yourDouble);
just use

both might be correct..

hope this will help
Closer control over how the String is rendered can be achieved with NumberFormat
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