Tool to find if client pc has statically set IP address.

I really don't feel like going around to every PC in my entire network (around 300) we primarally use DHCP for assigining addresses, but unfortunately one of our tech's could not grasp this concept, as he statically set quite a few pc's on the floor.  The best part is that now he doesen't know which one's he set.  So if there is anyone out there that knows of a tool that can scan your pc's and then tell you which ones are set statically, 125 points.  My network is primarially win2k & XP with a little flavor of win98.  Thanks
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could be a usefull tool...mmm...

but try this. Set up your DHCP server to renew the leases so you know that all the entries in DHCP are new.
Then scan your network, just a simple ping to all workstation in a range (your dhcp lease-range).  then you know which ones are from dhcp and which not. And if you know the ip from the static ones it's quite simple to get the workstation name voila you can send out that tech again to change them :-)

good luck,

JulioChabarriaAuthor Commented:
Aruba good idea, but how can I set up dhcp to renew every lease it is holding right now.  Lease duration is set to 30 days.  How would I be able to get this "mass renew" done in one day?
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You may find it easier to just elimate the ones that arn't dhcp regsitered from a full subnet scan...

Get the tech responsible to go through the dhcp server list and the ones collected from your subnet scans.  The difference will be your static ones...
You could download the trial version of solarwinds and use the ip scanning tools to distinguish the statics, dhcp and os flavours...

A way to find which ones are dynamic is to install a network sniffer on the server to log dhcp request received when computer boot up next day.
Use one of the products that Joesmail suggested, like superscan, to see what all IP address are used within your network.

Then dump what IP address your DHCP server has allocated.  Compare the two.

Suprised this wasnt suggested after your first one....
simply update your DHCP server range to a step above (granted you arent running a DHCP for x.x.x.1-x.x.x.254 already.... or if you are and you know you only have 100 computers... up the lower limit to .100 and force the renew like suggested originally, any IP's outside of that range arent on DHCP...

worst case.... send your tech around since he is the originator of the problem to do this...
winkey+r -> cmd -> ipconfig /all
and find all the ones that dont say DHCP Enabled . . . . . . . .. . Yes

Personally.... thats the route I would do... serves 2 purposes
   1) gets the job done
   2) teaches your unattentive tech to pay attention to details and do things right the first time ;)

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Thanks for the points and the grade :) Glad you found it useful and hope your IT learned a valuable lesson ;)
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