Suggestions for batch insert

I have to build 1 table from variables in another.  There's allot of logic being applied from the first table so it's not a simple insert.  The problem is doing this mytable, ...

while not rsSource.eof
   lots of logic
   rsDest.field1 = rsSource.field1
   ... ....


just takes too long with 20,000 records. What would be some faster ways to do this?

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What exactly is the database? Access or SQL Server or something else?

Assuming you do this import in frontend like you are doing now, you can increase the speed many times by not using the recordset to update but instead using the Execute method of connection object to directly execute SQL Insert or Update statement. Something like this:

while not rsSource.eof
   lots of logic
   strSQL = "Insert into TableName Values('" & rsSource.field1 & "')"
   objConnection.Execute strSQL

If u are on SQL Server then DTS will be the fastest way to do the necessary import.

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