Laptop/NoteBook /Wireless/ Best Deals For Student Needs

Feeling a little pressure from a close friend. Her daughter is entering College soon and needs to provide a  Laptop/NoteBook for her. I have looked around for a Top of the Line or close to it model.
My dilemna? The price...My friend is not Bill Gates. Her daughter thinks she is..  Kids!! :O

         HELP!!!  I`m begging you..  :)  Thanks in advance for any feedback
 Wireless Laptop/ Notebook that a close match to  Specs Below at around $700

    * Intel Celeron m processor 360, 1MB l2 cache, 1.40GHz, 400MHz FSB
    * 512MB DDR 333 SDRAM PC2700 (expandable to 2GB)
    * 60GB ULTRA ATA100 hard drive
    * Front side bus speed (400MHz)
    * CD-RW/DVD-ROM combo drive
    * 15.4" WXGA/TFT display, Max resolution 1280x800, Acer CrystalBrite Technology
    * SiSM661MX chipset with integrated Mireage graphics, UMA Video Memory
    * AC97 2.2 compliant sound, built-in two speakers
    * PC card slot for one type II card, 32bit pc CardBus architecture, zoomed video support
    * Microphone input jack
    * 3 USB 2.0 ports
    * Integrated 802.11b/g wireless Internet
    * 10/100 Ethernet port
    * 56k v.92compatible modem
    * 4-cell li-ion battery pack
    * Operating system: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition
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That one is close. Have to add $49 to upgrade the 40 GB hd to 60 GB.

I found several on Ebay that were brand new. Just search in the computer department for "dell 6000" without the quotes. I had many hits.

I tried but I can't get an IBM Thinkpad under $839. You could search Ebay for "IBM Thinkpad G41"  I found serveral new ones listed there.  Don't really recommend gateway or E-machines.

Also check Compaq's V2000Z series. They seem like good quality machines for the price. Build one there and see what you can get one for. They are offering rebates on many of their systems.

Check HP's ze2000 series.

Hope this helps!!!

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You could also check out
PurringLionAuthor Commented:
Thanks Bagged,,, Gonna look at link you sent and let you know if it fits the budget.

  Ebay is not her style but I`ll try to convince her.
Ebay is good if you buy from power sellers and people with high approval ratings. That way if you have a problem, they will offer returns and you should get the factory warranty.
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