MaxLength for varchar column

To store a string in a varchar field the maximum length of string is needed to avoid a data-truncation error.

The following code only returns -1 if the column is varchar or ntext:


where Ind is the index of the required column.

dr.Table.Columns(Ind).DataType.ToString only returns "System.String", if the column is varchar or ntext.

What is the equivalent of the VB6 Fd.DefinedSize (where Fd is ADODB.Field)?
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By default, ADO.Net the DataAdapter's Fill() method takes a "short cut" and only pulls the bare bones information required to populate the DataTable.  

To get the fully populated schema (which includes the column widths) just add the following:

           DataAdapter.MissingSchemaAction = MissingSchemaAction.AddWithKey

MTechoAuthor Commented:
Thank you for that, Graye.

However, dr.Table.Columns(Ind).DataType.ToString still returns "System.String", if the column is varchar or ntext.

Is it possible to get the Data Type from the table in the SQL database?
From the perspective of the DataTable, the answer of "System.String" is absolutely correct.   The DataTable class (actually the DataColumn class, but who cares) does know much about the "native" datatypes in the underlying database.  The from ADO.Net's perspective there is no such thing as "varchar" or "ntext".

So, to get the underlying data type from the database, you have to ask for the "raw" schema.  This is typically a database-dependent operation.  For example, using SQL Server 2000, you'd issue the following query:


The returned DataTable would contain the COLUMN_NAME and DATA_TYPE for the Customers table

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