Windows Server 2003 freezes

Hello, I have a location with a Win Server 2003 that seems to freeze every couple of weeks, and needs a reboot.  Today, however, it needed to be rebooted twice.  Looking at event viewer, I can't seem to see any events directly tied to this.  I'm about 4 hours from this location, and am hoping to fix it without going there.  Two events in event viewer which may be related are:

1. ACPI Bios attampting to read from an illegal i/o port address which lies in protected address range.  This could lead to system instability.  Please contact your system vendor.

2. Zone transfer request for secondary zone was refused by the master DNS Server at x.x.x.x.  Check the zone at the Master server to verify the zone transfer is enabled.

I don't know if these problems could be causing the freezes, or if it is hardware related.  It's a PIII 450+ MHZ, with only about 720 RAM.  Any help would be appreciated.
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Looking at the provided Event IDs, I'd look more towards number 1. The Zone transfer one would most likely not cause system instability or lockups. however, ACPI (Advanced Configuration and Power Interface) could defintely be causing the problem. I would suggest looking for a BIOS update for your motherboard since that will be directly responsible for the ACPI controller.

Unfortunately, with a server as old as the one described, you'll most likely need to perform a POST BIOS flash which would require being physically present in front of the box :-(

Hope this helps...

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tomcurrierAuthor Commented:
Thank you TRM

A couple of thoughts considering your answer.  Does a BIOS upgrade or flash jeopardize the contents of the Server in any way?  Is there a risk of losing data?  I think I've read recently that upgrading BIOS can lead to problems.  If so, perhaps the best choice for the company is to simply replace the machine with a basic Server.  It's a location witn only a half dozen employees.  I'd hate to replace, however, then have the freezes continue and look like an idiot (or more of an idiot lol)

Do you have a battery backup on this server? That could be your problem. Zone transfers issues are caused by DNS not being setup correctly. Lets try and fix the first problem with the freezes first, then try the DNS.
tomcurrierAuthor Commented:
Thank you Jon for the answer.  But how could a battery backup cause periodic freezes of Windows Server 2003?  We do have a battery backup, by the way.
I have see a battery backup that is used via the serial port cause lockup issues on very specific servers yours by the specs could be a candidate.
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Windows Server 2003

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