Energizer NiMh 15 minute charger with other brand batteries?

I just bought a 15 minute Energizer NiMh battery charger.  So here's my question...

*** Can I safely charge Rayovac NiMh rechargable batteries in this energizer charger? ***

I have a 13 hour Radio Shack charger I've been using and can continue using for them (The Rayovac batteries) but I'd prefer to use the faster charger even if it doesn't charge as well.  15 minutes to 13 hours is worth it for me.  I appreciate any feedback.
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I don't see why not - I have a Duracell 15-minute charger that I recharge about 3 different brands of NiMh...
i would only do it if they were the same amount of milliamp hours and same voltage (which i assume they would be for AA).
i believe those energizers are 2100mAh which is really high compared to other batteries, which means that there is a possibility that you would overcharge crappier batteries, but that would only happen if you left them in for the same amount of time.
i would try it but watch out incase they like blow up or something.
There is not a problem regardless of the mAH rating of the battery.  The charger does not charge to a specific mAH value since that would (usually incorrectly) assume that the battery is 100% dead.  Since you might charge a battery that is only 10% drained (or whatever) the quick charger must measure the battery voltage as an indicator of the charge level periodically to determine whether to stop charging or not.  So regardless of the charge level or the ultimage mAH rating of the cell, the quick charger will be ok as long as:

1) The cell is of the NiMh type (or NiCd if the charger supports that type also).
2) The cell is compatible with quick charging as most are.

The long-term (i.e. trickle) chargers do not measure anything and just charge the cells at a very low rate for as long as you have them in the charger.

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