Exchange 2003 queue the messages


is there a way I can tell Exchange 2003 to hold all incoming and outgoing messages in the queue while I am doing some configurations on my firewall?  I don't want it to send "delay" messages to users.

Thank you.
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You could stop the SMTP service. This would not accept any external mail (inbound or outbound) at all while it was stopped buy any internal mail would be queued up and routed appropriately when the SMTP service becomes available again. I would only recommend this if you have a queuing server with a higher-priority MX setup on your DNS zone. This way external mail is not bounced all together.
batmon34Author Commented:
I want to queue internal mails from going out too.  Is there something like "hold all messages" on Exchange 2003?
you can "freeze" individual queues but that wouldn't really work for your situation. I'm not sure I answered clearly on the last post so let me re-phrase:

Stopping the SMTP service would "queue" all internal emails (either destined for external recipients OR internal recipients)

It would NOT accept (or queue) email FROM external users while it was in the stopped state.
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As you are using Exchange 2003 you can just use the button in ESM.

ESM, Admin Groups, <your admin group>, Servers, <your server>, Queues.
Click on "Disable Outbound Email". Everything will stop.

Exchange MVP.
batmon34Author Commented:
So when you said "Everything will stop", does it mean Exchange server will queue (hold) all the emails until I release the "Disable Outbound Email", and then it will send out all the queued (holded) emails??

Yes, I am using Exchange 2003.  Server is in production so I need to make sure before I do anything.  Thank you.
Exchange will sit on all emails until you press the button again. That is what it was designed for - to allow an administrator to stop all email in an emergency.

You cannot do anything about inbound email - that will queue on the remote server. Depending on the settings of the remote server will depend on whether they get any message delay notifications. Nothing you can do about that.


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batmon34Author Commented:
Great, that is exactly what I need.

Wonder why it says "Disable Outbound Email".  It is a bit confusing.  It should says "hold all emails" or somthing.

Thank you.
I would have to disagree.
Disable Outbound Email - that is what you are doing. You are stopping email from going out. Internal email will continue to flow. The label is labelled to indicate that only outbound email will be stopped.

batmon34Author Commented:
oh...  So no way to hold all emails on Exchange server?
The only way you can stop internal email as well is by stopping Exchange. That will mean kicking the users out of Outlook as that will also fall over.
If you are doing some work on your firewall then it will only be external email that is interrupted.

batmon34Author Commented:
If I stop Exchange then it will not queue.  I guss  "Disable Outbound Email" is good enough because I need the email server to queue emails.
Incoming mail can be held by your ISP. Just request them is more than enough.
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