Athlon 64 not performing correctly

I have an Asus K8N mobo with an AMD Athlon 64 3200+. At the std setting in the BIOS (Award ver 1004) the CPU runs at 2.21 GHz. After running for a month or so, I decided to overclock the CPU. I set it to 1%. This gave a reading of 2.2 GHz in Windows (XP w/SP2), 2.2GHz in Cool & Quiet, 2.224 GHz under CPUID, 2.222 GHz in PC Diag Pro, and 2.22 GHz in SiSoft Sandra 2005.3.10.50.
One week later, I added a fan to the side of the case across from the CPU and overclocked to 3%. This time, under Windows, it showed 2.27 GHz, PCDiag 2.266 GHz, SiSoft 2.27 GHz, CPUID 2.268 GHz. Now is where it gets wierd.
5 Days later, I set it to 5% and Windows showed speed at 2.31 GHz. PcDiag this time read the CPU at 1049 MHz.
I then waited 2 more weeks and set the overclock to 10%. This time Windows showed 2.42 GHz, PCDIAg 1100 MHz, PCMark 04 100 MHz. CPU temp was 38 and board temp was 37.
The following day, I set it back to 3% and Win showed 2.27 GHz, PcDiag 1029 MHz, CPUID 1031 MHz, Cool & Quiet 1000 MHz. After another 3 weeks, I set it back to 10% and WQin showed 2.42 GHz, PcDiag 1100 MHZ, PCMark 04 at 100 MHz.  
After 2 days this time, they system hung up trying to open IE. I then set it back to 5% and Win showed 2.31 Ghz, PCDiag 1049 MHz, PCMark 1024 MHz, Cool & Quiet 1000 MHz, SiSoft 1050 MHz, and CPUID at 1054 MHz.
I've changed settings around 3 more times and even set to Std again. The same thing occurs. Windows shows CPU speed at twicw what the other various programs show.
Can anyone explain why this is happening?
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First off you have to turn off cool and Quiet when overclocking, It will change CPU speeds. Second off you need to lock the PCI bus at 66MHZ.
ALso read up on some fourms on overclocking the AUTO OVERCLOCKING setting are horrible.,GGLG:2005-21,GGLG:en&q=k8n+overclocking 
Here is a good place to start looking the A64 is very different then the Previous P4s and Athlon XPs when overclocking. I suggest reading up first. Very easy to kill the Chip and mobo if not done correctly.

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It may well be that Cool'n'Quiet is interfering, as it can step down the speed of the processor. You should probably turn that off while attempting to overclock. When everything works as expected, you could try turning it back on, but I don't recommend it for overclocking.

By the way, you may also want to update your BIOS to 1005, there are some fixes that have something to do with Cool'n'Quiet, as well as "NOS can't work after enabled NOS by AI-Booster". I'm not sure what that means, does that AI-Booster something to do with overclocking? Anyway, it might possibly help to update that BIOS.

Does the board offer more precise control over overclocking besides a simple percentage? I'm thinking about HyperTransport speed and multiplier, CPU multiplier, voltage, etc. This may produce better results.

Good luck.

I also run an AMD64 system and I know my laptop just had an update out that dealt with Windows and its reporting of the processor speed. I would say the update was released maybe mid May... that could definately be an issue unless you are all patched up.... (or you are running 64bit windows not the 32bit then you shouldnt need to worry)
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Ktiedt the cool and quiet does change processor speeds.
I am aware of that, but there was also a bug in some win32 compatibility drivers for AMD64 that caused an erronous reporting of CPU speed also. Maybe this only affected HP's but I seriously doubt that...
Yes it was a laptop bug :>) HPs chipset
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