Here's what I want to do, can it be done?

I have 10 computers that are all the same - hardware, software setup, everything is the same. I want to setup one just the way it needs to be (Computer #1), then ghost it and clone it to the others (Computers #2-#10). Simple right? Well, here's the kink:

I want to do 9 computers (Computers 2-10) simultaneously using an 8 port switch + 4 port router w/ DHCP. I was planning on booting up with BartPE (9 copies of the same disc), starting up networking, plugging them into the switch and router. Then starting the ghost process, but use that one central image to ghost the computers.

I am worried about too issues: 1) Will this work? 2) Will the ghosting process be so slow that it is not worth trying? 3) Will there be a sharing violation or some other "error" since I am accessing the same image 9 simultaneous times?
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Are you against using multicast instead?
When doing many systems, multicasting ghost is faster...

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>>3) Will there be a sharing violation or some other "error" since I am accessing the same image 9 simultaneous times?

That's very possible.

>>I want to do 9 computers (Computers 2-10) simultaneously
Why don't you just ghost em every ten days???
same result init?

day 1 computer one
day 2 computer two

Well really when you have a network why not just place the ghosting application as well as the image on the network? That way you don't have to plug em in anywhere you can just leave em where ever they are plugged into your network.

And if at all possible ghost em at night.
That way no one would even have the bother of the possible strain on your network.

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