how to save string array in memorystream to file

I have a string array and wrote it to stream.write(myarray,sizeof(myarray));
I then did stream.savetofile('myfile.pas');
but this wont really save the contents of the array to the file and instead the file is filled with strange chars.
First time to use TMemoryStream.
Any ideas?
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hello oalawna, ,  You do not seem to realize what you are doing, a String variable is NOT a reference to the string Data (the charaters in a string) it is a "Pointer" with a size of 4 Bytes, this string pointer is used to strore the location of the memory allocated for the characters in the string. . . so what you have when you use -
is a file with the Cardinal values (numbers) of the memory addresses of the string variables pointers, but you do NOT have any thing there that is any Text data. . . you will need to fish out the text data for each individual string of the array, , , here is a button click that will write an array of string to file -

procedure TForm1.sbut_Strings2FileClick(Sender: TObject);
lineBreak = #13#10;
aryStr: Array of String;
memStm: TMemoryStream;
i: Integer;
SetLength(aryStr, 5);
aryStr[0] := '1 this is the first string !';
aryStr[1] := '2 second string.';
aryStr[2] := '3 number three string';
aryStr[3] := '4 fourth string';
aryStr[4] := '1 this is string five';
memStm := TMemoryStream.Create;
for i := 0 to High(aryStr) do
  // you can access the first charater  [1]  of the string to write to stream
  memStm.write(aryStr[i][1],Length(aryStr[i])); // you MUST get the Length of the string to get the amount to write
  memStm.write(lineBreak,2); // added a line break to make it look good
memStm.SaveToFile('E:\a text file.txt');

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oalawnaAuthor Commented:
thanks slick
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