I have the PictureBox Cursor.Clip = pboxSetup.RectangleToScreen Blues

Thanks for looking,,,

I have been trying to get the rectangle of a centered image of a picturebox,



image resized from whatever to 800x600 or 600x800 what ever the image is portrait or landscape,,,

picturebox is set to center image,,,, image is centered in the picturebox,,, how do i get the rectangle of the centered image...

I need help boy wonder, because i have the PictureBox Cursor.Clip = pboxSetup.RectangleToScreen math phart Blues (la la la)

I will check back in kids on this same bat channel, same bat time tomorrow

Wholly rectangle Batman!


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Since I don't think you could possibly find out about thta, I would suggest a different approach: Paint the picture yourself. If you need any code to do so, check out this thread:
This way you'll have complete control over what's in and what size it is.

Cheers & HTH,
Bob LearnedCommented:
How is the image "centered" on a PictureBox?

Sorry Ray,
 But for what you are doing with picking rgb on screen I do not see a need to center an image. When you can just use whatever area it fills or change the pic box to fill to pic box..
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5thcavAuthor Commented:
i need this approach, I’m centering the image by the Pbox default centering,,

I’m resizing the image to fit the pbox height/width so i should be able to tell where the image is centered?\

I almost get it but my x,y positioning is week, toss in the percentage of the image resizing and its relational distance form the PBox’s boarders, I start getting brain pain


    Private Sub lbImageSize_SelectedIndexChanged(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles lbImageSize.SelectedIndexChanged

        Select Case sender.SelectedIndex
            Case 0
                ImageSize = 1
            Case 1
                ImageSize = 0.9
            Case 2
                ImageSize = 0.8
            Case 3
                ImageSize = 0.7
            Case 4
                ImageSize = 0.6
            Case 5
                ImageSize = 0.5
            Case 6
                ImageSize = 0.4
            Case 7
        End Select

        If CorrectFirstTimelbImageSizeSetSelected = True Then

Public Shared Function getThumbnailImage(ByVal strFile As String, ByVal intWidth As Integer, ByVal IntHeight As Integer) As Image

            If File.Exists(strFile) Then
                Dim bmp As New Bitmap(strFile)
                If bmp.Width > bmp.Height Then
                    img = New Bitmap(bmp, intWidth, CType(intWidth * bmp.Height / bmp.Width, Integer))
                ElseIf bmp.Width < bmp.Height Then
                    img = New Bitmap(bmp, CType(IntHeight * bmp.Width / bmp.Height, Integer), IntHeight)
                    img = New Bitmap(bmp, intWidth, CType(IntHeight * bmp.Height / bmp.Width, Integer))
                End If

                Return img
                Throw New FileNotFoundException
            End If

        Catch ex As Exception
           Return Nothing

        End Try
    End Function
5thcavAuthor Commented:
if i set the image size to 0.8 shouldnt the image be 0.2 into the center on all 4 sides?  i havent tryed yet, just had a brain storm,,,
5thcavAuthor Commented:
If i take a while to respond,,, im on the road 7am to 10pm and try to put in a little VB for and hour at night,,, :(
5thcavAuthor Commented:
planocz ,  rgb on screen  lol,, that was 10 days ago..

why do you think you really need the "picturebox with centered image" approach? If you are using the pb's .Image-property later on, then there still is ways of providing you with that by simply creating a little control that:
- inherits from panel
- includes double-buffering
- offers access to the image being drawn by means of properties (in/out)
- draws the image itself while centering it resp. taking the larger extension v/h and scaling the other one accordingly

In that control you could also keep track of the rectangle that the image is being centered to/in. I suppose that'll be a *lot* easier than always being one step behind the picturebox ...


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5thcavAuthor Commented:
My deal is ,
i would like to place small buttons on the image, the PB will range in size and must always maintain the correct aspect / ratio of the image (User Images). i find the resizing the image to scale and centering that image always results in a perfectly displayed image. when the user loads an image i need to recall the button location and correctly overlay them onto the image. when i get past this stage i will later add lines and arrows with descriptions.

Keep in mind the Pbox will resize and i plan to have a zoom control, I don’t want to alter the original image in any way.

Trust me, I have a need for this… (It may Solve world hunger and advance our knowledge of our universe!! (im so funny)) I appreciate everyone’s suggestions and concerns, im off this weekend so I’ll be spending that time resolving the issue.

I made the suggestion if I resize the image in code by 80% of the PB size and center that image into the PB, shouldn’t I just have to remove 20% from the PB edges?

Thanks Ray
5thcavAuthor Commented:
      Dim intPbLeftRght As Integer = (pboxSetup.Width - SetImageWidth) / 2
       Dim intPbTopBottom As Integer = (pboxSetup.Height - SetImageHeight) / 2
       sender.Parent = pboxSetup
       sender.Height = 5
       Cursor.Clip = pboxSetup.RectangleToScreen(New Rectangle(intPbTopBottom, intPbTopBottom, ImageWidth, ImageHeight))

Got it thanks 4 the help
5thcavAuthor Commented:
Cursor.Clip = pboxSetup.RectangleToScreen(New Rectangle(pboxSetup.Height - SetImageHeight) / 2, pboxSetup.Height - SetImageHeight) / 2, ImageWidth, ImageHeight))

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