How many Dlink Range Extenders (DWL-G710) can be daisy chained, if any?

I have a Dlink Wireless router.  I have added two range extenders (DWL-G710) to cover areas in the house that cannot be covered by the router.  The ADSL line is located in a room far away from the center of the house and that is where I had to place the router.  The rooms at the other edge don't get any signal so I have to place an extender up to the center of the house and another extender close to the rooms on the other side from the router.   My question is, is it right to have the last extender be configured to repeat the signal of the extender at the center of the house which is repeating the signal of the router?  Something like this  Wireless router ---> Extender at center of home ---> extender at other edge of the house.

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The answer is simply, yes. This is exactly what this product is designed to do. As long as you have the correct IP Network settings, a unique AP Name and appropriate SSID + WEP info if you are using it (recommended), You should be good to go. To test, do a site survey function in the web management interface from the site where you'll be using the last AP. If it lists your network as available, remember you router was not able to extend signal here so the middle AP will be extending this signal to this area, select it and enjoy the freedom of wireless.

Theoretically, you could have as many APs on your network as you have available IPs in your IP Network Scope.

Hope this helps!

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maortegarAuthor Commented:
Thank you.  I deployed it so and so far it is working great.  Thanks again.  Regards.
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