SBS 2003 store.exe memory usage

Dell Poweredge 600C, P4 3.06Ghz, 1.5Mb Ram.  Since applying SBS Service Pack 1 store.exe consistently stays about 350mb usage.  Prior to sp1, the usage stayed below the alert setting of 105mb.  Any ideas???
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Hi.  Since you have more than 1GB of RAM, you should change your boot.ini file.
At a minimum, add
/3GB /USERVA=3030

Check out the following KB article:

I've tuned my Ex2k3 server, and it runs much better.
ccsonlineAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the tip, I'll give it a try and report back.
I would agree with gpriceee, that is a great place to start.  But are you running SBS2003 Standard or Premium? Exchange store.exe can really fluxuate so you can try stopping the service and restarting it again, make sure to use the Exchange system attendent service and restart that one, so you get a clean restart. SBS2003 uses a whole bunch of memory and I would say that it isn't a ridiculous amount of memory being used, depending on what your mailbox sizes and customizations are on the server.
I have two or three SBS2003 servers with 1Gb ram. STORE.EXE *typically* uses up 800Mb, and I constantly get "Store using too much" errors emailed to me. I just ignore them. If anything else needs the ram on the server, Store hands it back.

IMHO, just don't worry about it. :)

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