MSHTML parsing WITHOUT WebBrowser or InternetExplorer

I have a service that downloads a bit of HTML from a site using httpwebrequest and httpwebresponse.  Through a series of steps I end up with a string variable that has the HTML for my target page, which contains, amoung other things, a table of data I want to programatically add to my database.  

I have done this before in vb6 and I don't want to learn XML parsing techniques to do this, and I want to reuse the design from VB6.

I don't see a way to add a WebBrowser or InternetExplorer control to a windows service.

What I want, is a way to pass the HTML I have in the string to the MSHTML.htmldocument interface so I can subsequently use the HTMLdocument interface to extract the table data programatically.

Any pointers?

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Bob LearnedCommented:
Have you started down the mshtml.HtmlDocument road yet?  Do you have VB6 code that works?

You can feed the string directly to an IHTMLDocument2 object like this:

        Dim oDoc As New mshtml.HTMLDocument
        Dim iDoc As mshtml.IHTMLDocument2 = oDoc

        'write to the IHTMLDocument2

        'get it back to an HTMLDocument
        oDoc = iDoc

        'now you can use the HTMLDocument to parse and extract

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tmesiasAuthor Commented:
Eric, Thanks for the response.  This way works.  My final code looks a little bit differently and works the same:

<bunch of code that uses HTTPwebrequest / httpwebresponse to get HTML in a string called strHTML>

        Dim docObject = New mshtml.HTMLDocumentClass

        Dim doc2 As mshtml.IHTMLDocument2
        doc2 = docObject


<bunch of code that extracts the table from the docObject so I can read it into DB>

and bob, yes now I can reuse my VB 6 parse logic in my new .net service.  The vb6 code as far as the MSHTML parsing works, I just wanted to eliminate using the webbrowser control...  it wouldn't scale the way I wanted it to.
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