ASP sending mail using CDONTS on local machine


 i am developing an application in which an automated email has to be sent. the application is being developed on localhost. This is the sample code am using , i have configured my outlook express in which POP and SMTP servers are localhost and email i gave was vgarg@localhost
my PC name is varun2000 and i have mentioned the same in IIS . but when i run ASP script the mails is being sent to "queue" folder can some one tell me how to test on localhost

 Dim strTo, strSubject, strBody
 Dim objCDOMail
 strBody = "This message was sent"
 Set objCDOMail = Server.CreateObject("CDONTS.NewMail")
 objCDOMail.From    = "vgarg@localhost"
 objCDOMail.To      = "vgarg@localhost"
 objCDOMail.Body    = strBody
 Set objCDOMail = Nothing
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You can test if SMTP is working on your machine by trying the following;en-us;286421
David LeeCommented:
Hi cheenudude,
> i have configured my outlook express in which POP and SMTP servers
Configuring Outlook Express has nothing to do with sending email from an ASP page using CDONTS.  Have you set up and configured the SMTP service on your PC?  If not, then that's the problem.  The SMTP service is configured and controlled via the Internet Information Services manager.  Expand your machine name and open the properties of Default SMTP Virtual Server.  Configure the service, then start it and try sending again.  Outlook Express has nothing to do with this process.

i would use Postcast SMTP Server.  It's free, light, and simple to use.

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from the downloads page, pick "PostCast Server Free Edition"
any reason for the C grade?  If you needed more help configuring it, or had other questions, you should have posted them, as opposed to giving a C with no justification
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