Random Sort

I would like to create something that can change the sort order of a .txt file that I have.
lets say I have something like this in mp3.lst

artist 1 - track 1
artist 1 - track 2
artist 2 - track 1
artist 2 - track 2

But I want in different order each line. I got around 600 lines. What can I use for that?
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Just create an array of random numbers between 1 and 600, and use that to "index" your file. For example, if the array of numbers (assuming above example of 4 lines) contains:


then you would play the song on line 2 first, the song on line 4 second, and so on.

Next time, create a new random array, e.g.


then you play in that order.

Just extend this concept to 600 instead of 4.
The above example does not need the file to be re-written in a new order. If you also wanted to write the file out in a new order, then just read all records in the file into memory, and write back to a new file in the order of the random number array.
> "But I want in different order each line."
Do you mean a random order? If so, r-k has solved it..
Otherwise, can you specify what order you want it to be in please?
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perl -ne 'push @a,$_;$j=rand $.;@a[$j,-1]=@a[-1,$j];END{print @a}' mp3.lst

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The problem with r-k's solution is that you're not guaranteed to have every song played (also meaning that you could have the same song play twice in your "shuffled" list).  A better solution would be to create a list/array/whatever of integers, 0 to 599, and iterate through the list.  You swap the current integer with the integer at a randomly chosen index **greater than the current index**.  You then use this shuffled list to index your original list.

This is a *true* shuffle.  You can use this to programmatically shuffle a deck of cards for a card game, for example.
What programming language are you using?


  Nayer Naguib
CyberPunksAuthor Commented:
ozo your solution worked fine thanks, but it wont save the info to the file. is there anyway to open the mp3.lst and save it in mp3ds.lst ? if not is fine.
perl -ne 'push @a,$_;$j=rand $.;@a[$j,-1]=@a[-1,$j];END{print @a}' mp3.lst > mp3ds.lst
CyberPunksAuthor Commented:
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