Varbinary to Varchar

I realise this question has no doubt been asked and answered many times, however I'm asking it anyway.

I need to convert a varbinary data type to Varchar so the results are viewable to certain applications we run that cannot read binary.

Many thanks
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 DECLARE @X varbinary(20)
Set @X = CAST('Experts Exchange' As varbinary(20))
Select @X As [varbinary], CAST(@X as varchar(20)) As [varchar]

This gives me the following result:
varbinary                                  varchar              
------------------------------------------ --------------------
0x457870657274732045786368616E6765         Experts Exchange

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do you need 0x4E4E to read 'NN' or '0x4E4E' ?
n0ch1psAuthor Commented:
I'd need '0x000174F400004FF6000E00000000' to read '0x000174F400004FF6000E00000000'


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Then you can use the system function fn_varbintohexstr

declare @a varbinary(200)
set @a = 0x00FF00FF

select master.dbo.fn_varbintohexstr(@a)
then check the accepted answer in the link i posted by p_puranik
Oops please ignore my post above (same solution than sajuks's post)
My apologies sajuks
Hilaire no apology needed...i wasnt sure what o/p was to be shown and posted what am currently using.
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