MSN Messenger 7.0 Log file Registry Settings

A small-company client allows employees (local and remote) to use MSN Messenger 7.0 to communicate (XP SP2 machines). Concern is knowing what is being said over this channel. What I would like to do is force-enable the option to log the chat history on machines as client is wary of installing spy-ware or keylogger.
Knowing a little bit about Windows, I believe that there is a registry entry which reflects the chat logging option, but I am unable to locate it.
Also, would it be more robust (i.e. less chance of user tampering) if the option was force-enabled through an HKLM key as opposed to HKCU? If so, how/what/where? Also, are you aware of the Registry key which would disable the users ability to change the option once enabled?

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You know that you're basically placing a "spy-ware or keylogger" on the client's machine right?

The most ethical way to do this is to install Microsoft Live Communications server.
Read this link:

The work around (AKA, the not so ethical way to accomplish what you are asking):
MSN Messenger uses the XML format to store the converstaion history on your comptuers.  For every MSN chat, the program creates an XML file and this file has a line saying:
<?xml-stylesheet type='text/xsl' href='MessageLog.xsl'?>

This file applies a style sheet named MessageLog.xsl and displays in the format that the stylesheet wants.

The XSLT is located by default in C:\Documents and Settings\USER NAME\My Documents\My Received Files which is the same folder right your XML logs are.

All you need to do is run an "application" on each machine that copies/mails
C:\Documents and Settings\%User Name%\My Documents\My Received Files
to your machine or email addy and you now have all of the MSN chat conversations

By default all MSN sessions are logged.

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Tim HolmanCommented:
A proper MSN proxy would be best.  That way, users would be forced to connect to MSN via the proxy (as you would block direct access via your firewall), and all conversations would be logged.
Ensuring that local conversation logs are kept isn't that good, as MSN is run under the user's credentials, logs are stored under the user's credentials and hence the user can delete the logs at will.
kpetoboAuthor Commented:
Great answer. Yes, I know that what I would be doing is spying, but as they are business machines & the client has an IT Usage Policy which specifically allows monitoring I figure it is his to sort out with disgruntled employees.
Good tip on the Live Communications Server... might be able to sell that vs. my hours to implement/oversee the logging option on individual machines.
Many thanks for the 'nuts and bolts' of MSN files.

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