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I've read all the posts I could find relating to this Q, but still a little unsure.

I can tell it's not the nicest thing that I could be doing, but I'm not too worried, it's not really a "Mission Critical Application"

What a need to do is make a copy of a "base" database so that a user can use it to do sensitivity tests, using SP's that I can call from the client side.

I know that it can be done, but what sort of things do I need to worry about.  User's shouldn't be a problem, as I doubt there will ever be more than 1 (2 if I'm "lucky") user(s).  If worst comes to worst, I could boot 'em out.

Things I'm worried about

- Users logins (just the 1)
- Server "crapping" its self
- Database doing as above
- Anything else that comes to mind

P.S. I can do it, just need to know what can go wrong

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Guy Hengel [angelIII / a3]Billing EngineerCommented:
I am not 100% if I understand properly where exactly your worries at...

If you provide the user(s) a copy of the database, you simply have to ensure that the application points to the correct database, and let them play. If they find a way to break the application or a bug, they have to report it, you fix the problem in the application, and recreate the test database again for new tests....

flavoAuthor Commented:
I got those (FE conneciton) bits under control.  I'm worried about the SQL Server bombing out.

I will make a back up of the "base db"
Then restore it to the "play db"

Do i need to kick users out of the "base" db?
Is it going to die if i don't?
Where should I keep user logins to misimise work?
Guy Hengel [angelIII / a3]Billing EngineerCommented:
>>Do i need to kick users out of the "base" db?

>>Is it going to die if i don't?

>>Where should I keep user logins to misimise work?
Logins are defined server-wide,
Users (based on Logins) are defined per database

If you restore a database on the same server, the "copied" user will point the same login, so no additional work to be done.

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flavoAuthor Commented:
Sounds like its win win.


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