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Hi duys-

Just signed up this afternoon - this is my first question

My cousin has an old VAIO subnotebook (the PCG_505G) that runs at 200mHz and has the memory maxed out at 94meg.

She had 2000 on it and it just ground along. The problem is it has no CD drive and I wanted to put 98 on it.

No 98 on diskette (of course) but I had 95 and got the PCMCIA NIC card going. Then I followed a suggestion from here and copied the 98 files from over my network, ran setup and VOILA! It worked.

She wants a CDROM or burner for the thing and rather than spending $$$ for a PCMCIA card and drive, I got a Syba USB2 card. Installed it and it shows up properly in Device Manager.

Here is the problem: when I plug the burner (an LG in an external case) into the USB2 port, Win98 recognizes it as a USB2 device and asks for drivers. Well, what drivers is it asking for?

In XP,all this happens automatically so I have never given these drivers a second thought.

Any ideas?

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The external case should have come with a disk. Did you buy the case & the burner separately? If so - do you know the manufacturer of the case?

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Probably both.

Did you install the drivers for the Syba card?

They are needed for Win98. Select your card here:

And install the appropriate driver.

After that confirm if the burner installs correctly.

If not, ou may also need the drivers that you must obtain from LG (check their website).

Good luck,

It sounds like Win98 can see the device and needs the drivers that usually come with new products. If you have the cd that came with the burner you may need to transfer files like you did to copy the Win98 files over. After you copy them over to a folder just direct Win98 to that folder when it is looking for the driver. If there was no CD in the box you would have to do as suggested above and go to the manufacturers web site.
Hope this helps.
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ritchifAuthor Commented:
Thanks all

The case is the issue I think.

I found reference elsewhere to someone else having the same issue last night.

It is an Nspire NSP-511UE. Nspire was just bought out by ASI and ASI has it as their SKU 25745 so the website is "under construction" (meaning = no downloads).

I have no idea where the CD that came with the thing is. I am going to stop at the shop where I got the case and beg for a copy.

BTW the Syba card is installed properly. That is why the USB2 shows up fine in Device Manager.

Stay tuned for further "Adventures in Anne's VAIO".

Next project - Getting access to the USB2 CD ROM from a boot floppy in DOS so it can be used to restore the hard drive after a serious crash.

The VAIO uses Cardsoft drivers for its slot and Cardsoft says it never wrote any for DOS, only for Windows.

Best regards

I've got 2 external cases - 1 with a hard disk & 1 with a CD burner, if I plug them into a w/98 or w/ME PC I have to install drivers that came with the case, after the case is recognised, I don't have to install drivers for the drive or the cd. Hopefully the shop can give you a replacement copy - I guess you could claim that there was no driver diskette/CD in the box!
ritchifAuthor Commented:
Thank you, smiffy13

It was indeed the case.

I ended up buying another case because I really needed the firewire in the Nspire for my Mac.

Once the new case's drivers loaded, the CDROM was recognized and worked like a charm.

As to getting to the CDROM in DOS, Panasonic has come up with a generic PCMCIA CDROM driver that finds it in Cardsoft cards.

Here is a link to the explanation but the link to the driver in there is in japanese.
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