Data type mismatch in criteria expression, when using INSERT INTO

When using an INSTER INTO statement i get a "Data type mismatch in criteria expression".
I am using VBscript and an Access database.
The field I am trying to write to is a number-field.

The code:

if(Request("1Lang_ID") <> "") then addProduct__strLanguage = Request("1Lang_ID")

set addProduct = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Command")
addProduct.ActiveConnection = MM_Seed2data_STRING
addProduct.CommandText = "INSERT INTO t_text (text_Language)  VALUES ('" + Replace(addProduct__strLanguage, "'", "''") + "') "
addProduct.CommandType = 1
addProduct.CommandTimeout = 0
addProduct.Prepared = true


what am i doing wrong ?
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Hi razzmusit,

When refering to a numeric field, you don't need to wrap the value in ' (I'm guessing you mean text_Language is numberic data type)

Try this

addProduct.CommandText = "INSERT INTO t_text (text_Language)  VALUES (" + addProduct__strLanguage+ ") "

Dave :-)
Hi razzmusit,
Try this:

"INSERT INTO t_text (text_Language)  VALUES (" & Val(Replace(addProduct__strLanguage, "'", "''")) & ") "

>> numberic

I like that word :o)
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razzmusitAuthor Commented:

You solution generated the same error > "Data type mismatch in criteria expression"

Now I get " Type mismatch: 'Val' "

Perhabs I should convert it to a "numberic" value - which must be a third format I havent yet discovered - hehe ;)
Typo :-(
"INSERT INTO t_text (text_Language)  VALUES (" + cdbl(addProduct__strLanguage) + ");"
razzmusitAuthor Commented:
This is getting weirder and weirder - now I get the error:

Error Type:
Microsoft VBScript runtime (0x800A000D)
Type mismatch: '[string: "INSERT INTO t_text ("]'
/seed2/add_prod_test.asp, line 41

> addProduct.CommandTimeout = 0

I think this should be a little higher, maybe?  Never tried setting it to such a low value.

"Indicates how long to wait while executing a command before terminating the attempt and generating an error."

Maybe this is why there is an error???

razzmusitAuthor Commented:
Nope - that didn´t do the trick..
> addProduct.CommandTimeout = 0
I believe this means there is NO timeout, therefore it will keep trying to run until it returns a result or errors

What about i.e. a single double quote rather than a double single quote ;-)

VALUES ('" + Replace(addProduct__strLanguage, "'", """") + "') "
Are we 100% all table and field names are correct?

If all else fails, try wraping them in []

"INSERT INTO [t_text] ([text_Language])  VALUES (" + cdbl(addProduct__strLanguage) + ");"
>> The field I am trying to write to is a number-field.

Oh! Do you not need to validate the input to check it is numeric (you can use IsNumeric)? Your replace implies that it is unlikely yo be. How about since you seem to expect single quotes in there):

"INSERT INTO [t_text] ([text_Language])  VALUES (" + cdbl(Replace(addProduct__strLanguage, "'", "")) + ")"
razzmusitAuthor Commented:
Returns the error:

Error Type:
Microsoft VBScript runtime (0x800A000D)
Type mismatch: 'cdbl'
Well Im guessing that addProduct__strLanguage isn't numeric

As pootle_flump  eluded to earlier try this

If not IsNumeric(addProduct__strLanguage) Then
 response.write("oh ohhh")
  exit sub
     addProduct.CommandText = "INSERT INTO [t_text] ([text_Language])  VALUES (" + addProduct__strLanguage + ");"
end if
What value do you have in addProduct__strLanguage at the time of running the code?

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razzmusitAuthor Commented:
Ah - "time of running the code" was the key - off course!!!!
"addProduct__strLanguage" had no value at the time of running the code.
Lol - you need to account for that in your input validation. Check out Dave (flavo's post) - IsNumeric will identify nulls too

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