Allowing Disk Based Blocked HTML Content in IE

I'm creating html help files for my application (using robohelp). The resulting files always cause IE 6 SP2 to generate the yellow bar with the restricted active content message.

If the html files were on a web server then I believe it is relatively simple to modify the security to allow the files to view.

However, the files are stored on the local harddisk for each user of the software. So far no one has a workaround for this. So everytime a file is opened you have to click on the yellow bar and then select "Allow blocked content...". Then you have to click a "show" link at the top of the page and then the proper robohelp frames with the contents and search/index buttons appear.

This is not very convenient - luckily most of our customers are not using SP2 yet.

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There's an update for your program which sorts it

RoboHelp XP SP2 update (21.11 MB)
Updates Included

This update to RoboHelp resolves several issues involving systems running Microsoft Windows XP with Service Pack 2 installed, including:

Stops the Internet Explorer "Info Bar" warnings when viewing FlashHelp:
Changes have been made to the FlashHelp compiler so that the "Info Bar" doesn't come up when FlashHelp is viewed locally or from CD.
Updated the Context Sensitive Help (CSH) APIs affected by XP SP2's popup blocker:
Updated the VB & C++ CSH API files in ...\programfiles\robohelp office\CSH API so that XP SP2's popup blocker will not prevent the call from working correctly.
Stops XP SP2 Popup blocker from interfering with the CSH Test tool:
Updated the CSH API used by the "CSH Test" tool so that it's not blocked by XP SP2's popup blocker.
All RoboSource Control version control patches to date:
These RoboSource Control patches resolve some minor issues that could prevent communication between RoboHelp and the source control database on some configurations.

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GTVicAuthor Commented:
Thanks, one area in the Macromedia site said there was no solution so I didn't bother looking...

Do you know if all help files must be recompiled?

I believe the answer is yes which means that if you are not using X5 (but an older robohelp compiler) then the update does no good, correct?

I am using X5 but not all files were built by me, some were compiled on an older version.
i am not sure.
not used the program myself
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