Hi all,

Is there any way to convert the PDF files in to PRN files..? Yes .. I am right. The mission is that we are going to transmit some PDF files. At the receiving end these PDF files needs to be converted in to PRN files automatically. Is there any application for this..??

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To create the  PRN file when you print select the option print to file and save it with a .prn extension.
The support( viewability) of this depends on ur printers driver. One option would be to select generic (manufacturer) &
generic text only(printer).
again ur printer might've that capability oitslef so u need not install any new printer.
shanrajAuthor Commented:
In that case I need to open the file in Acrobat reader or Acrobat. I want this to happen automatically. Like if I copy a PDF file in a folder, Acrobat Distiller have to convert the PDF file in to PRN file.. If not distiller, is there any such utility..?
Not sure of that.
See if this can help
SilentPrint pdf can but thats not free http://www.pdfstore.com/details.asp?ProdID=776
Karl Heinz KremerCommented:
There is no PRN file format! The extension PRN is usually used for files that have been converted to a printer format (e.g. ESC/P for EPSON printers, PCL for HP printers, and PostScript for PS printers). We should take a step back and look at what you are trying to accomplish with this.
Why are you trying to convert every PDF file to another format, and what exactly is this format?

Depending on this format, you may be able to use a 3rd party solution. The cheapest and most straight forward may be Ghostscript (http://www.ghostscript.com), but there are other alternatives.

BTW: Distiller does only one thing - it converts PostScript to PDF. Nothing else. It does not convert PDF to any other format.

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