retrieving messages from SystemMailbox


We had a problem with local mail delivery on our exchange server which caused
email to be collected by the POP3 connector from external server and deleted from
the server but it was not delivered to the recipients on the server. I believe these
messages are held in the SystemMailbox at the moment due to Exchange reporting
that there are 400 odd messages in the account. However even after following the
microsoft kb article i cannot see any of these messages, it logs into the SystemMailbox{guid}
account fine, but there are no messages in any of the folders. Any help would be most appreciated.

Kind Regards,

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mcuk_stormAuthor Commented:
Sorry forgot to say, it is Exchange Server 2003 running on 2k3 SBS
They aren't in the System Mailbox.

What you are seeing is normal behaviour for the system mailbox. There are 400 items in that mailbox but they are system items, not mail items.


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mcuk_stormAuthor Commented:
Ok, so any idea what happened to all the emails that exchange downloaded and deleted?
Surely even microsoft wouldnt write software that downloads and clears emails then sends
them into oblivion. Or maybe i am under estimating microsofts abilities

I'm pretty sure that the system mailbox doesn't have anything to do with this issue. Have a look at;en-us;885685. Also setup extended logging on the pop3 connector and search for those presumable errors.
Just going through some of the old outstanding questions as it is quiet...

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