Veritas 10 attempted restore - not showing individual folders

I have a successful back up from last wednesday night and I simply want to restore ONE folder (the ex-accounts guy accidentally deleted it!!!), but when I run the Inventory followed by Catalog, I go to the Restore option and it inly gives me the option to resore the entire directory.  I don't want to write over all the work that's been done since last week with a complete restore - Why isn't it showing me the folder details? (i.e. no + in the date boxes).

I haven't had this problem before.

(Running on W2K3 Server...)
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Why dont you do a Non-destruct restore? that should only put the files back that are missing.
ljkalAuthor Commented:
I'm not aware of that facility...

I solved the issue by deleting the files within the Catalog folder, re-starting the services and BINGO!  All was fine - a corrupt catalog file!

If you can give me a few more tips on Veritas 10, the points are yours!!!!!!!
Well, When you create a restore job, there is an option under settings/general to select Restore over existing files, Skip if file exists or Skip if existing file is more recent. In your case, i wouldve selected the "Skip if file exists" option so only the files or folders that were deleted would've been restored.
Another tip is to run a pre and pst command turning off and On your Virus scanner because that can really slow you backup down.
this is my pre command file
net stop "McAfee Framework Service"
net stop "Network Associates Task Manager"

and this my post command file
net start "McAfee Framework Service"
net start "Network Associates Task Manager"
net start "Network Associates McShield".

hope this helps

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ljkalAuthor Commented:
Will give it a try - thanks!
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