Temp file and PDF


Is a temp file generatde when I open a PDF file with acrobat reader (version 5 or 6) ?

If yes, where is this temp file stored ? Is this customisable ?

Any idea of the size of the temp file so generated (same size as the original) ?

Is this feature can be set to OFF ?

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According to adobe they do not store temp files.

Adobe's Roberto Perelman has posted a company response and clarification in the PDF-Developer conference of the Planet PDF Forum:

    "The only reason .tmp files stick around after you close Reader, while a PDF is being displayed in the browser window, is because in reality Reader does not really exit (if it did, your browser window would go blank). Instead it stays running in the background."

    "Once Reader really exits, which will eventually happen once you no longer are viewing any PDF docs in the browser, then all .tmp files really get deleted."

    "Here's an experiment to prove this. After you've forcibly quit Reader, per your web page instructions, relaunch it (it will reappear instantaneously, since it already is running). Now exit the web page showing the PDF. Now quit Reader. The .tmp files get deleted."

    "By the way, the browser itself also keeps files (which may contain sensitive data) in its own cache. Acrobat has no control over those files, even if they are Acrobat-related. Each browser has a policy for eventually recycling the files in its cache."
GUNTHERBAuthor Commented:
So, if I understand your answer : no temp file when using directly Acrobat Reader.

BUT if y user IE to watch pdf file, there are temp file generated.

Where are they stored ? In the TMP / TEMP files ?

Check your temporary internet file location.
Depending on ur OS
 "C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files"
C:\WINDOWS\Temporary Internet Files
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Karl Heinz KremerCommented:
Acrobat and Reader will create temporary files! They are in your "normal" temp directory C:\Documents and Settings\<user name>\Local Settings\Temp

Some versions of Acrobat have a problem with removing these temp files, which can lead to a hang at startup (if you have >65000 of these files).
Karl Heinz KremerCommented:
There is no way to customize the TMP files, and you cannot turn this feature off. Acrobat needs this to display PDFs. The file size depends on what you do with your open documents, but is usually much smaller (about 4 KB for an open file). If you start to edit such a file, the temp file will grow.

The files are named AcrXXX.tmp with XXX being a number that gets increased with every PDF document that is opened (not just the ones that you open, there may be others that are automatically opened in the background).
hey khkremer isnt that valid only if u r creating a pdf file and not when opening them ?
curious to know. I'd tried opening a few files but couldnt get the temp files anywhere..
Karl Heinz KremerCommented:
sajuks: This is not the first time you post incorrect information. If you are not familiar with a subject, please do not post comments if you are not familiar with a subject.
Karl Heinz KremerCommented:
Check your temp directory. The files are there. Search for *.tmp in your home directory and all directories below it.

WHen you create a PDF file the whole file will be stored as temp file, if you open a file, you only get a small file (about 1-4KB). I just opened a document with Reader 6, and I see four of these files: Two with a size of 1KB, and two with a size of 0KB. When you run Acrobat (the full version), these files are larger and can grow. I have not tried this, but I assume that if you are openeing a form with Reader and you start to fill in the form fields, that the temp file will also grow.
@ khkremer i do agree that u r a genius if not more in this area, but others do also work using the same technology.
I dont mind you calling me wrong , it might be jsutified also , but i tested my answers before posting and couldnt find
any temp file when i open a pdf file. So Could you explain to me why am not able to see these temp files ?
Karl Heinz KremerCommented:
BTW: When I closed the file in Reader, one of the 0-length files was deleted, the other three were deleted after I closed Reader.

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my apologies, i'd logged in as other user in the computer and was checking a different username directory.
@khkremer u r  rite as usual...
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