The most bizzare problem

Hi Guys,

This has to be the most bizarre issue I have come across.
I have one ISA server (2000) and a bunch of servers behind it. (all 2000).

The problem is this:

We are coming of ISA and into the CISCO PIX solution scene.
The PIX is all configured and running 'A' ok, ready for the migration.. BUT...
One of the tasks my platform does is receive a request from mobile SMS gateway it then passes on that request to a module written by us, finally it uses a standard GET request in ASP to post it to a web server (in this case itself, or any machine I set it to). HOWEVER...

when ISA is in place, the job is all done fine. When the Cisco is place, the job fails.

The request from the gateway comes in all ok with the Cisco in place, the platform attempts to make this GET asp post to a web server but it just fails.
It cant do it. Bare in mind the GET request it does is to a LOCAL web server running on itself. It has passed the firewall, it has come into the network yet it cant make a simple get request to itself. When the ISA box is in place, it does it just fine. Is there some rubbish thing ISA adds to packets that allows them to see IIS web servers?

Its the most bizarre problem. I don’t even see how ISA has anything to do with it. The packet has entered the network it has been received by the application, the application then just creates a simple GET request to itself or to a machine I designate. When ISA is in place it works, when ISA isn’t and Cisco is, it fails.

High points due to the urgency of the matter and the bizarreness..

Thanks guys!
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This may sounds stupid, but do you have port forwarding configured properly?  Also, how are you determining that the request is passing through the firewall?
dqnetAuthor Commented:
Hi Adam,

The request is definitely coming through as it get stored on our Database servers.
Port forwarding plays no role once the message is in the database server.
Once the message is in the database the module stamps the entry as received and then posts this information to a web server using a GET in ASP.
It just wont get posted if Cisco is plugged in but does it fine with isa. Bare in mind all this is done locally. The request has already entered our network of servers.

Is there anything in your ASP code that is looking for the ISA server?  You may want to focus on the code if the traffic is coming in ok.

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dqnetAuthor Commented:
The solution was proxycfg.
The configuration had to be updated to no longer have a proxy config thus not to route through the ISA machine or have a reference to it.

Hence points split.


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