BIOS and W2K driver update problems - newbie with Sony PCG-C1XD

I noticed a very similar question earlier this year asked by Beeshoring, resolved by 'fataleXception'. But I am not clear what exactly I need to do to load the bios updates for my PCG-C1XD. I have installed W2K successfully, but several utilities do not work, including Batteryscope, JogDial,the Camera, etc.

I was advised by Sony to update all drivers & system files, just to be sure. Fine. So I have downloaded all the Zipped update files, burned them to CD and now have the CD connected to the notebook (external drive).

I have had no success loading the Bios Update files,m which I figure ought to be updated first. The errors are:

Loading phlash3.exe it gives me a error:

PhoenixPhlash Error
Open Failed on BIOS ROM image file
Press any key to exit

when loading the initialization file (PLATFORM.BIN)

So I have platform.BIN and Phlash3.exe on my desktop. No success running from there. I tried running from FDD, but the same thing happened. Exactly how are these files supposed to be run/installed?? Note that when i extract these files afterdownloaded them, they are .rom format. I renamed them .exe so they would run... is this part of the problem?

Without these system updates, many of the utility updates will not work.

Finally, some of the utility .exe updates do run, although without actually activating the utility/feature in question. However some of them return an error message "SBS.DRV can not load, no access to VSBS.386, Check system.ini files". (This was for the battery scope)This is all beyond me, so specific idiot proof help would be much appreciated.


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>>   they are .rom format. I renamed them .exe so they would run... is this part of the problem   <<< YES, you should not rename them, just unzip them. the utility phlash3.exe will locate the rom file and use it for the update.

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Go to:

Enter your product number and serial number.  Download the latest BIOS upgrade from there.  Have the upgrade be installed on a floppy.  Have the computer boot from the floppy and follow instructions.
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