Panasonic KX-P3696 DMP Printer

I have the above mentioned network printer, and I want to configure it for my Linux box running OS RHES 3.0 i have tried through "setup" utility and also through printconf utility but not able to configure it. Also how we can find out what protocol the network printer supports, I mean (LPD, CUPS, JetDirect, IPP). Thanks in advance.
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I can't find much on that printer, but using cups you should be able to try other panasonic driver for it. As in your other question, first try to configure it connected directly to the linux box. Once you got it working, you can go on and configure it for your network.

Is this printer connected directly to the network or is it connected via another PC or via an external printserver?
ankushmehta24Author Commented:
Actually when we connect these to DMP's via XP box through smb i am able to get printouts but by selecting printing in raw mode, and when we connect it directly to the network and configure through linux box it print outs postscript matter, if we select panasonic or epson driver . And if we configure it using text only or generic printer it print outs garbage contents.
Really tied into it, because have to configure them directly connected through network as network printer and not as smb printers..
ankushmehta24Author Commented:
Hello everybody, is there any solution to it, waiting for your valuable inputs.
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Does your Linux box have a GUI, like KDE setup? If so, hace you tried the "Print Manager" tool to setup this printer? You can quickly setup printers and try out different drivers with this tool. Maybe get an updated driver list, if you have yum installed use yum update to get current with the whole system (or up2date). The problem is this printer doesn't seem to have a linux driver and I don't know what it emulates.
ankushmehta24Author Commented:
Yes I have gnome setup on linux box, tried print manager also but print outs things in post script format, will lookout with the vendor if he has any driver for linux....and will update you guys soon.
Are you using cups as printing system? Using the print manager tool you should be able to select from a lot of cups drivers which you can try out (I know, it takes alot of time and trying and paper, and if you get a bad printout it may be necessary to restart the printer before trying again, as the memory contents may be corrupt).
ankushmehta24Author Commented:
yes using cups as printing system as using RHES 3.0 update 4, cups is the default utility. Able to configure but still printing out in postscript format. How to get in normal format not able to resolve that.
If you open "Printing manager", select the printer, then in the lower windows pane select the properties tab and then Driver. You should now be able to change the driver you are using by selecting "change". A whole list of possible drivers should show up from which you can select from. There should also be a checkbox at the bottom with which you can disable the standard postscript driver, and there should also be an option for raw driver there. If you don't have these option there may be a difference in your printer manager as opposed to mine (I'm on CentOS 4.1, which is a clone of RHES 4, and I'm using KDE as GUI, as I find the management tools for KDE generally better than those of gnome).

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ankushmehta24Author Commented:
Ok, Will try that and will update you ASAP.
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