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Howdy y'all,
We are running SBS 2003 SP1 with Exchange Server 2003 SP1 on one single server machine. Backup is done twice daily to an external Maxtor Hardrive (Onetouch II, 250 Gb) via usb 2.0. Although I prefer the firewire connection, we were concerned with bios level access in case we need to restore the files. We use both the built-in Veritas Backup for Windows Server 2003 (once a week for full backup of server system itself) and Dantz Retrospect 7.0 for Servers (twice daily file back up and exchange mailboxes).
I have looked at many so-called "mission critical" backup software packages incl. CA's ARCserve and Veritas's BackupExec.
For now, I am testing Symantec's Live State Recovery - Advanced Server.
I was wondering about various IT pros opinions on what they use to backup a small office net.
Advice will be well appreciated!
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We have a small shop of 5 servers, a 420GB PowerVault and about 70 workstations and we use Veritas Backup Exec 9.1. We do full backups every day of about 160GB onto a Sony tape library and never had any problems.
tagltdAuthor Commented:
crazijoe -
my co-worker used to work on an IBM 360 mainframe with a
We actually have 3 external hardrives connected via very speedy firewire (2 x 250 Gb, 1 x 300 Gb) no tape, no robot, no vault. I am thinking of going with a network drive (NAS etc.)...any experience with these?....reliability?
Thanx much!
Never really had any experience with any NAS appliance but we plan on purchasing something in the near future. At present the PowerVault has 2 RAID 5 arrays, one attached to our SQL server for the database and the other attached to a member server for the the users home folders and company information.

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tagltdAuthor Commented:
thanx for the info....always a pleasure to get help from fellow IT folk.
Mostly I have only used ARCserve. From my experience all the programs are good, they are all reliable, they have all had their problems. You have the basis for a very reliable backup system now and sounds like you are doing things the right way by testing the different programs. I'd say pick the one you like best, but my favorite is ARCserve.

I'm more of a hardware guy and so I really like the ARCserve Tape Engine log. I like to see what is going on at the SCSI level.
Do you need any more help with this question?
tagltdAuthor Commented:
no thanks for now
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