Firefox quick searches: Can I choose a different encoding?

For years I have used Quick searches in Opera and other browsers (bookmarks with keywords) for search queries. The thing that annoys me is that english is not my first language so I often use strange characters like in "Sævör þýðir bók"...

In opera and Konqureor I can choose which encoding to use, but firefox just seems to use UTF-8 (the one that changes non-ascii chars to %C3%__ -> "sævör" becomes "s%C3%A6v%C3%B6r" which is "sævör" in iso-8859-1).
This makes some searches hell to use... Example:
ss sævör
Opera result - (iso-8859-1 encoded)
Firefox result - (UTF-8):

Is there any way way to choose iso-8859-1 encoding for some of my searches?
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byttaAuthor Commented:
I know about the search plugin charsets... They even have an "encoding" field on the plugin generator (

I just want the same functionality on Quick searches...
Does this help
In Firefox, View --> character encoding
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"I just want the same functionality on Quick searches..."
thats not possible yet....
byttaAuthor Commented:
> Does this help
> In Firefox, View --> character encoding
No - that's just for displaying web pages.
If you change the encoding on _your_ browser you will see one of these jubmled, the other one correct.
iso-8859-1: "sævör", UTF-8:  "sævör"
It has nothing to do with quick searches

> "I just want the same functionality on Quick searches..."
> thats not possible yet....
That's so comforting to hear - any links to back that up?
No offence - but I've heard that even the simplest things are "not possible" because the one answering didn't know how...
"That's so comforting to hear - any links to back that up?
No offence - but I've heard that even the simplest things are "not possible" because the one answering didn't know how..."

Check the link i posted in my first comment. It explains how all the search engines are not using the proper encoding while searching
byttaAuthor Commented:

From the link (which does ONLY talk about search plugins - not one word on quick search in the URL):
1. The original query string is encoded as UTF-8 (encodeURIComponent())

In the quick search, it seems like only this is done, and then they follow that link. I just want to be able to choose that encoding, like I can do in Opera and Konqueror...

But I guess I should try to find some firefox developers to bug, instead of getting annoyed here

So let's just call it a day...
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