DDE to notepad


Kindly assist if DDE to notepad is possible? and what is the topic and link name.

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don't think notepad support dde.

What are you trying to do?

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EdwardPeterAuthor Commented:

Maybe Windows Word Pad is supported?   instead of .txt we can do .doc

We have a desktop application the can act as server and client DDE.

Trying to create a textfile in the client workstation (using the desktop applciation) so that we can use web (javascript) to pick up the data and then send it to asp for storing into database.

Can't install a 3rd party application on the client desktop. (only web is allowed). There goes the activex exe.


Why not allow the user to create the text file and then allow them to upload via an <input type="file" ... /> box?

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well you don't have to use dde in this case.

If I understand correctly, you can just open the file and read the file and then send the whole string back to server to store.

Dim ff As Integer, Filename As String, s As String
Filename = "yourfullpathfilename"
ff = FreeFile
Open Filename For Binary Access Read Lock Read Write As #ff
s = Space$(LOF(ff))
Get #ff, , s      ' s contain the whole file
Close ff

If you insist to use dde, you can use excel to read txt file
EdwardPeterAuthor Commented:
The desktop application is from a vendor.

the desktop application doesn't have a function to export data to txt file, fortunately it has dde, maybe this could be a way.

Do we need excel to be installed on the client workstation?
If your desktp application can access via dde, then you should use dde to access

When you get data from your desktop app, you can call another asp page and send back data to your server
EdwardPeterAuthor Commented:

I know that's the right way, sad to say we're not allowed to install program to the client desktop (even a dll)

Does the dde need excel installed on the client station for us to save a logfile as .txt ?

>>Does the dde need excel installed on the client station for us to save a logfile as .txt ?

yes, but who initiate to save to the file? your exe? If yes, instead your exe save to file, your exe should be able to send the event back to the asp that hold it; then that asp page should be able to call another asp in your web server. In that case you don't have to create any txt file
EdwardPeterAuthor Commented:

I see then it's a dead end. there's no excel on the client workstation.

the application from the vendor initiate save to file, using dde, is this possible?

>>the application from the vendor initiate save to file, using dde, is this possible?

I still don't see the whole picture here.
If the desktop application save to the file and you want to read that file and send the content back to your server?

Again if the desktop application support dde server communication, your dde exe should be able to take to them and get the info.

You should then be able to send back to your server.

Am i miss something here?

Or may be you have to explain more detail what are you tring to accomplish
EdwardPeterAuthor Commented:

That is correct. unfortunately we can't install any application/program,ddl in the client side.
How about using the file system object from script like this?  It will require the user to accept a security alert, because you are running an object that has the power to affect the file system, but it's likely that whatever solution you find, it will have that limitation.


<script type="text/vbscript">
Sub WriteFile()
    Dim fso, ts
    Set fso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
    Set ts = fso.CreateTextFile("C:\test.txt", True)
End Sub



<input type="Button" name="MyButton" onclick="WriteFile()" value="Write a file">

EdwardPeterAuthor Commented:

Thanks so much, unfortunately, I'll try to push the activex, since the txt file is a dead end.
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