Perl: Net::Cmd: Callback kind of function for datasend() ??

Is there a way to make a callback function so that while you send data you can send the bytes uploaded to a file?



         datasend() ?

sub callback
        $count = $count + $byte;

Thanks for any help anyone can lend.

Best regards,

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I know how to use callback in our project :

lots of files are compiled, at the end of compilation, some "callback" functions are executed.

1) top level of the project, call all the callback functions
2) each callback "see" all the accumulated data at the end of the compilation.
3) we use this mainly to print and close files

is that match what you are looking for ?
dr34m3rsAuthor Commented:
hummm it doesn't sound like it - I want to use this to send data to a server and calculate how much data has been sent - I think I found a way...  but I have to write it and experiment
which also means I have to finish the rest of the code =D

I will keep everyone posted.


Any ideas would still be helpful tho
dr34m3rsAuthor Commented:
Just following up. This works if you want to keep track of bytes sent / uploaded.


      $send_len = length($send_data);

      $byte_count = $byte_count + $send_len;
      $tmp_byte_count = $tmp_byte_count + $send_len;
      print W $byte_count;

You can close this question now =D

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