100% CPU Usage - dbserver.exe

I have a Windows 2000 server with SP4, which is running very slow.

Under Processes in the Task Manager, dbserver.exe is running at close to 100%. I have tried pressing End Process, but I get Permission Denied.

Can anyone tell me what this process is and how I terminate it?

The server is also running Oracle, and Trend Micro Officescan
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dbserver.exe is "Adaptive Server Anywhere".
Check ur services for any adaptive server anywhere services which u might've started.

dbserver is the database (probably oracle) running. You'd have to terminate the oracle engine. Databases can really slow your server down. make sure it has ample RAM, and plenty of free diskspace. The swapfile should also be large (for a database, probably around 3x the size of RAM). Delete unneeded data, Empty the recycler, and run a defrag. Also use the tools which came with oracle to cleanup the database.

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jpneal01Author Commented:

Disk space is low - 380MB. We are hoping to move Oracle to a new disk soon.

Also Trend Micro is causing problems at the moment. It has lost the connection to all it's clients, and we can't log into the management console.
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jpneal01Author Commented:
I have disabled the Trend Micro Officescan services and rebooted the server, and the problem seems to have gone away.
dbserver.exe is now not loaded.

Trouble is, now there is no anti-virus protection.
If you are running AV on a DB server, you should configure it to exclude the working directory of the database.  Make sure the install path for Oracle is exempt, as well as the log and database locations.  Then start-up your AV and see if it has a positive effect.
jpneal01Author Commented:
dbserver.exe is a component of Trend Micro. After clearing some disk space, the problem has gone away.
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